Facebook is the largest social network in the world with over 1 billion active users. With such a large user base, ignoring Facebook is not an option if you are marketing for your company. The ideal market is on Facebook and the question is how you are going to target these users with your marketing strategy. Facebook is an advertising platform that will allow you to effectively advertise to the exact type of people you are looking for. You are allowed to zero in using demographics, location and interests. We will guide you as to how you are going to use Facebook to your advantage and introduce marketing for your business into the largest social media site. 

There are some major tools on Facebook that allow you to market including pages, ads and groups. Pages on Facebook work more or less like profiles but are specific to the company like the ones from this at this website. The users are allowed to be fans of these pages by liking the page and this means they will be able to get any updates in their feed. These pages can be liked by anyone and they do not have restrictions on the number of friends. These pages are free to set up and easy to manage. It is important that you include the logo on the profile photo of the page.

Facebook Ads can be created for specific geographic areas, ages, education levels and some types of devices used by the users. The company can use these ads to put across messages they intend their target market to get. The parameters set in these ads are powerful although these are charged dependent on the goals the company has. The users can like or close the ads, and this is why they are targeted to specific users. 


The company has the option of creating a group and these are similar to discussion forums but have additional features that the profiles and pages have. One of the things you can do is open a group that is related to the industry the company is in or even feature product offerings in the company. The advantage with pages is that they have a high level of engagement and they are free to create. Ensure that you only post useful information on these pages. It is always advisable that you post once every day unless there is some special event going on with the company. Read more...